Automatic filling system-Kamoer ATO ONE-2 SE

Automatic filling system-Kamoer ATO ONE-2 SE

230.00 лв.

Kamoer ATO ONE is an intelligent automatic water dispenser, in the vapors from the aquarium. After installing the sensors and fuel pump, the device does not need additional settings, except to be plugged into the mains.

The controller is complete with sensors on two levels- S1: float- overflow protection sensor and S2: with an optical sensor for accurate monitoring of the water level. A third sensor is also available- additional extra for monitoring the amount of water in the filling tank.

No programming required To set up the unit, just position the sensors on their magnetic mounts and connect the pump. Everything needed to set up the device is included in the kit.

  1. Controller – 1 pc.(Controller)
  2. Adapter – 1 no. (Power Adapter)
  3. Pump- 1 no (Refill pump)
  4. Hose holder- 1 no (Ttube Holder)
  5. 1 no. Siphon break
  6. PVC pomace hose -2 m (PVC pump tube)


A step 1: Install optical sensor S2 next to the usual water level.

Note: keep in mind, that the optical water level sensor must be away from air bubbles. Otherwise, it will compromise the settings

A step 2: Install float S1 above normal water level. If the water level reaches this position , This means, that the optical sensor has a problem, the device will alarm and turn off the fuel pump

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