About Exoticland

Exotic Land EOOD is a company, specialized entirely and only in construction, launching and maintaining marine systems. Our start in marine aquaristics is in 2010 year, initially, as a hobby, and subsequently, after facing a lot of difficulties, incompetence on the part of traders and inability to grow our home aquarium like that, as we saw it in our dreams, we chose to dedicate ourselves to it professionally as well. We made mshop, in which we decided to collect the exciting world of the deep sea, inaccessible to most of us and the beauty of coral reefs.
Shop, in which we promised each other, not to compromise on quality, at the expense of higher sales and to protect from our mistakes, often costing us a lot of money and losses, the people, who are just starting out in this type of aquaristics.

Shop, in which you will find everything you need, to ensure you have a great looking marine system and healthy inhabitants.

To achieve the best possible results, we work with partners, proved, among amateur aquarists from all over the world and among professionals, the quality and efficiency of the products, which offer. We are proud, that they- some of the best worldwide in this business, trusted our approach, they believed in our capabilities, chose not only to work together, but also to represent them in Bulgaria.

All these years we have learned from the experience and from the mistakes of aquarists and researchers, which in the latter 30 years have managed to find the right formula for this, how to create and successfully develop a corner of the ocean at home. Our own mistakes have shown us, that quality and success have a price, that's why we import live stock only from certified collection companies, with decades of market history, guaranteeing acclimatized and fed specimens and from farms, have proven themselves with the quality and variety of species of artificially grown corals.

Our team is small, but with vast experience in building living, beautiful and colorful saltwater, reef systems. Each of us has first created a real and successful marine aquarium at home, it has gone through every single stage of its development, through losses and steady gains and we still continue to seek information, to sort and sift the important from the unimportant, to experiment and build, because everything in the hobby, worldwide, is developing extremely fast, and for us to develop as well, we cannot afford to fall behind on basic guidelines and best practices.