Exotic Land EOOD is a company, specialized entirely in construction, starting and maintaining marine systems - "reef" and "fish only" aquariums. We are relatively short, five years old, history of the Bulgarian aquarium market, we started in 2013 year, but with a long history in marine aquaristics, from 2010 year. Initially, as a hobby, and subsequently a vocation, we are one of the pioneers, which were counted on the fingers of one hand and, which proved, that in Bulgaria too we can touch the exciting world of the ocean depths and, mostly, to the colorful beauty of distant coral reefs-such, as we have seen them from the underwater pictures. We can "immerse" ourselves in the infinite blue, to hear the splash of crashing waves and smell the salt even in our own living room or office and become part of, the increasingly global concept, "blue consciousness" (blue mind).

This type of meditative state is inspired by the elements, associated with water and the "blue color" of words, related to the sense of depth, endless horizon, sea ​​breeze, the smell of ocean and seaweed and aims to take us away from the stress of everyday life, through tranquility, peace of mind, unity and,generally, through a sense of all-encompassing happiness and contentment with our lives at the given moment of contemplation.

We offer original ideas for your home, office, restaurant or hotel,which will saturate the space around you with a lot of color, movement and exoticism.

For that, how to build the perfect marine aquarium, in which to preserve the unity and harmony of a world,created by the greatest creator-nature, no major at university. The knowledge from there was useful to us only in the established habits of searching for information, to sort and sift the important from the unimportant, to experiment and build.

We have learned and are learning from mistakes and from the experience of aquarists and researchers, succeeded, in the last thirty years, to arrive at successful salt water combination formulas, light and filtration, which guarantee growth,development and longevity of a home reef, actually, extremely fragile and highly dependent in nature, from the coming climate changes.

Our own mistakes in the beginning showed us, where the compromise, either for financial reasons, either due to lack of consultants in the market, prepared with sufficient experience and knowledge, is possible and where it leads to serious errors and problems,associated with system losses.

With the results, which we achieved, initially, as amateur aquarists, and subsequently with the customers, who trusted us, we proved,that when you follow the development of the hobby worldwide and follow the basic guidelines correctly, derived from practice or through the experience of biologists in companies, firmly established in this market, it is not difficult, to create, develop and take care of it, that has touched your senses through the diving mask, that captivated you from the television screen or computer monitor or you see in your imagination.

We started our business with the idea, to make an exotic hobby visible and financially accessible to more people in Bulgaria, to help enthusiasts, like us, to avoid mistakes, with which,usually,first steps are related, to gather in one place the maximum variety of sea fish,invertebrates and living corals, in combination with the right technique and quality, working supplements.

For these, total 8 years, in which our everyday life passes among the "smell of the sea", we have also lost fish, and corals, and entire systems, either due to bad circumstances, through our fault or the customer's fault , but it was the losses that made us ambitious to look for successful formulas and solutions, to guarantee maximum longevity of the aquarium inhabitants. Our idea was never to be only fish and coral traders. Selling the fish, we do it with attitude, under good home conditions,may she live to a "happy old age", not the client in a week,two, to go buy the same fish again.

It was one of our successful formulas that won us the battle, with, we can say, the most widespread disease of saltwater fish - "saltwater ichthyosis". We proved to ourselves, that success is above all persistence, search and many, a lot of reading, even of literature and publications, in spheres, diametrically opposed to this, which are our specialties . In case, for 8 years, we tried everything, that was available on the market – and cheap alternatives, and expensive drugs, of large and, not so large pharmaceutical and specialty companies, everything, which,Unfortunately, it didn't work ,despite long prescriptions and high expectations.

We are happy about the fact, that we found our own, in that, working, answer , with which we have no lost fish and move forward with one less problem.

We learned our lesson, that quality and success have a price, therefore, we import the live goods only from certified companies-collectors of fish and invertebrates from Asia and Europe, with decades of market history, guaranteeing acclimatized and fed specimens and from proven quality and variety of species, farms for artificially grown corals,who, not only do they not destroy the natural biodiversity in coral reefs, but also actively participate in their rescue.

To achieve the best possible results in this, which we do, we aimed to work with partners, proven among amateur aquarists from all over the world and among professionals, the quality and efficiency of the products, that offer in such a specific and fragile system, such as the marine system.

We are proud, that they are one of the leading companies worldwide,in this business, trusted our approach, believed in our capabilities and chose not only to work together, but also to represent them in Bulgaria.

For 5 years in this business we have also seen happy people, who made it through the long way from the launch to the stable reef, we also saw many disappointed, duped by dishonest traders, who were waiting for us with the buckets in front of the store, to take care of their few survivors. We ourselves, probably, we have turned down a lot of people,past, just like this,out of curiosity or to satisfy their own or a child's whim,but, when it comes to living things, we have no right and cannot be irresponsible to their fate, after they leave our systems, because, about us,this,which we do, is love first , and then trade. Will be happy, if these, in which we managed to light the spark, to arouse interest and curiosity towards something new and attractive, to a hobby, which fills us with much beauty, color and positive emotions,are more, of these, who realized, that marine aquaristics is not,like buying a new expensive item, with which to impress the friends from your environment, but responsibility and care and,therefore,it's not for them .

thank you, team first, with which we continue to develop our passion for aquaristics - without your wish,enthusiasm and professionalism, neither would our desire to move on , to our customers, not only in Bulgaria, but also in our neighboring Balkan countries, who believed us, they trusted us and are still with us, to fellow traders, with which we turned competition into friendship, for the sake of the hobby, as well as our detractors- we have personally convinced ourselves of the truth of the marketing axiom “there is no such thing as bad advertising, as long as your name is mentioned" …undeniable fact, considering new customers, that's how they discovered us 🙂

In the future we wish each other, above all health - for us and our aquarium pets, to implement the new ideas, that we are planning this year, colorful coral reefs and even more followers, tread deep into the salt waters.