Marine Aquarium RS REEFER Peninsula S 700 G2+

Marine Aquarium RS REEFER Peninsula S 700 G2+

9,400.00 лв.

Total volume 705 l
Display 568 l
Sump 137 l
Glass thickness Ultra clear – 19 mm
Additional glass reinforcement Elegant black frame
Closet Wooden boards + Aluminum cabinet frame
Control panel Included
Automatic water topping up system ATO + 3 V 1
Dimensions L. 151 x W. 68 x H. 65 cm

Color: black/white

Delivery time: 3 weeks

Red Sea's Peninsula models offer:

  1. 19 mm ultra clear vision glasses- low in iron, reinforced with silicone tape on the bottom and side glasses.
  2. Elegant black frame , for extra reinforcement
  3. Extra reinforced wooden cabinet
  4. Overflow column with double return pump
  5. Overflow grid
  6. A silent system of drain pipes
  7. Aluminum stand for the cabinet
  8. Extremely precise faucet for controlling the level in the aquarium
  9. Reef ATO + ( 3 V 1- hope automatic filling system + temperature monitor + flood detector)
  10. REEF MAT Dept
  11. Professional basic sump
  12. I am extra for 950 l model
  13. Chiller and hardware department
  14. Control panel
  15. Hidden movable legs

Cabinet doors, which can be installed from the left or right, for optimal access to the sump.

Standard 3 annual warranty and 5 annual additional warranty at excellent prices, for extra peace of mind.

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