Marine Aquarium Red Sea MAX S 650 LED

11,660.00 лв.

bsh volume 650 l
Display 560 l
Sump 90 l
Glass Ultra Clear front and two side – 15 mm
Protein skimmer Reefer Skimmer 900
– water flow 1800 l/h
– air flow rate 800 l/h
Lighting LED 360W ReefLED 90 (90W)* – 4 no
Lighting control WiFi managed system, Compatible with iOS, Android, WiFi enabled Mac or PC
General circulation 13600 l/h
Circulation pump 7000 l/h
Power module with 10 autonomous sockets
Automatic water topping up system with tank 38 l (embedded)
Mechanical filtration 200 micron filter sock – 2 no
Activated carbon 600 city
Stand for the aquarium from anodized aluminum profile
Dimensions 168h70x129
Delivery time: 3 weeks

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