Red Sea- NO3:PO4-X-5 l

270.00 лв.

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Original solution for complete control of nitrate and phosphate levels in the aquarium, completely safe for the reef system. Unlike other methods, proper dosing of NO3PO4-X reduces both nitrates, so are phosphates, while allowing fine control of their values. A unique complex of carbon substances and other organically related elements, improving the activity of bacteria, reduces nutrients , which naturally exist in all marine aquariums. Each carbon source in the complex is assimilated by different types of microorganisms and together with the balanced ratio of enzyme cofactors, guarantee a complete and safe denitrification and phosphate reduction process


  • Reduces NO3 and PO4 levels in a controlled environment
  • Profitable
  • 100 % safe for the reef

Net: 5 l

Delivery time:7-10 days, upon request