Protein Skimmer Nyos® Quantum® 160

770.00 лв.

Nyos® Quantum® – made to work!

Nyos® Quantum® – impresses with:

  1. Outstanding performance – characterized by high skimming ability, a consequence of the large amount of air, in combination the correct air ratio – water;
  2. Especially quiet when working – the aquarium is a must see. Not to be heard! Nyos® Quantum® is inaudible!
  3. Low power consumption – regardless of its high performance, Nyos® Quantum® is extremely economical
  4. Easy to set up and maintain – the combination of strong skimming and easy tuning is a pleasure for everyone! Reliable pump and consistency in operation.

Nyos® Quantum® – innovative features:

  1. The new Nyos® Hybrid Wheel – the heart of the skimmer is the propeller. That's why Nyos® created the new hybrid high-performance model, made of ultra-light material, extremely precise, combining in itself the best of needle and grid veils. When operating the hybrid rotor with base, lattice-like with many thin needles, creates extremely fine microbubbles of air, ensuring the good operation of the skimmer. As a result of the significantly reduced weight of the propeller and its precise manufacturing, minimal maintenance is required and energy consumption is significantly reduced
  2. Nyos® Clear View Reactor – the new hybrid propeller requires, a camera specially adapted for him. That's why Nyos® created the Clear View Reactor – transparent, optimized, and with a large chamber volume, in which the air mixture is generated – the water. In combination, the hybrid propeller and the optimized Venturi chamber, provide perfect aeration and exact water-air ratio. The transparency of the camera allows easy monitoring for foreign objects, while at the same time allowing monitoring of pump performance. Stylish and practical!
  3. Nyos® Twister – perfect aeration and accurate water-to-air ratio is one part of a good skimmer operation. However, in order to achieve perfect skimming, it is necessary that the air bubbles remain in contact with the water, As much as possible. That's why Nyos® created a saw blade addition to the normally existing plate in the skimmer – Twister! Twister creates a vortex and gives the stream of air bubbles a radial swirling motion, significantly extending the contact time of the bubbles with the water.
  4. A combination of form and function – Sine design. Water does not like corners and partitions! For this reason, the double S shape was developed, to improve and optimize flow movement. With the Sine design, air bubbles rise unhindered, completely free, without the formation of areas of poor flow from baffles or corners.
  5. Precision in detail – good ideas must be executed perfectly and every Quantum® is characterized by this!
  6. Optimization of settings – every aquarium is different, with different water qualities. That is why Nyos® Quantum® can adapt to any conditions – the amount of water and air can be adjusted separately. Coarse adjustment of the water level is achieved by turning the outlet pipe, and the additional one, a precision screw serves for the fine adjustment
  7. Compact design, which can be completely disassembled.


Technical data:

For aquariums up to 1000 l;

Pump: Quantum® 3.0;

Air: max 1500 l;

Power: 18W

Dimensions: 18,5 x 25 x 53 cm

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