Marine Aquarium Red Sea REEFER G2+ XXXL 900 with cabinet

Marine Aquarium Red Sea REEFER G2+ XXXL 900 with cabinet

10,600.00 лв.

A new generation aquarium.


  • Larger overflow column, in which the pipes are hidden, with two faucets for the water, which comes from the sump, with better flow and circulation in the display
  • Splitting the flow in a single-pump installation via a Y-shaped connection or the option to add two circulation pumps, which ensures circulation in the aquarium, in case of pump failure.
  • Aluminum support to reinforce the front part
  • Professional sump, which includes a mechanical compartment for filter media (with micron filters or filter cups), which is easily removed, to be replaced by ReefMat, optional refugium compartment, adjustable rear skimmer compartment and bubble trap, to prevent air bubbles from returning to the aquarium
  • Large return pump compartment, with the possibility of 2 circulation pumps.
  • 60 l separate sump in the right part of the cabinet, which can be connected to the main sump to be used for additional filtration, a larger refuge, compartment for osmosis water or even for an additional aquarium for frags, adding ReefLED 50
  • Nov, improved and precise tap for regulating the level in the aquarium and for completely silent draining of the water in the pipes
  • All models of the G2+ series are equipped with the ReefATO+ system, which keeps the level in the aquarium and the salinity stable, also includes a precision monitor, temperature monitor and sensitive leak detector.
Total volume 900 l
Display 720 l
Sump 180l
Glass thickness Ultra clear – 19 mm
Automatic water topping up system

Separate second sump


83 l

Dimensions 200x65x65 (total height 153cm)

Delivery time: 3 weeks


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