Sea aquarium Red Sea DESKTOP CUBE

540.00 лв.

Volume 70 l
Sump embedded
Dimensions 42x45x45 cm

Delivery time: to 3 weeks

Aquarium, with an elegant design, which fits almost anywhere, designed to be equipped for growing corals, small fish and/or invertebrates. Available in two variants- CUBE и PENINSULA.

The set includes an aquarium with a built-in sump, filter sponge, 225 micron filter sock, 100 gr activated carbon


  • Closet- black or white; total price for cabinet and aquarium: 1180 BGN.
  • Automatic filling system, with an osmosis water tank 1,5 l, enough for approx 2 days; price: 42 BGN.
  • An effective protein skimmer; price: 210 BGN.
  • Silent circulation pump Sicce 950 l/h, price: 62 BGN.
  • Network, protective in jumpers; price: 20 BGN.

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