LED lamp EcoTech Marine RADION XR15W G6Pro

LED lamp EcoTech Marine RADION XR15W G6Pro

880.00 лв.

High-quality LED lamp, with maximum light spread range, exceptional fluorescence, intense color with full spectrum, with dimming option, Sunrise Sunset, weather simulation: Cloudy weather, storms and lightning, lunar cycle, real time. Possibility of WiFi connection with other Radion lamps and Vortech wavemakers.

Specification: LED clusters, full spectrum,10 color channels


length: 18 cm

width: 18 cm

thickness: 3,9 cm

Lenses: 126,30 degrees, with which they remove the shadows from behind as well

Power: 105 W

Power supply: 240VAC, 1,3 A

Suitable for aquariums 60-80 cm width and depth

Delivery time : 10 days

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