Red Sea ReefDose Pump Dose 4

710.00 лв.

Correct. Intelligent. Intuitive

ReefDose is designed and built specifically to facilitate the dosing of the necessary additives in the aquarium, according to his daily needs.

Uses custom made for Red Sea (patent pending) dosing heads, to the nearest drop, coupled with an advanced controller, which provides a full set of features.

The "Dynamic Dispensing Queue" (the “Dynamic Dosing Queue” ), controlled by the controller, combines the desired dosing plans of each head into one coordinated daily dosing schedule for the entire device. The queue automatically updates after changing settings and reprograms all doses, which are omitted, in case of unforeseen events, such as. power failure.

With programming via the ReefBeat app, ReefDose offers multiple options for fully automated, easily set dosing or a simplified schedule for individually planned doses.

Additional, to the normal flow rate, you can choose "Whisper" mode for almost silent operation or "Turbo" mode, to speed up dosing as quickly as possible.


  • The dosing heads, up to 1 a drop, by means of a special gearbox with direct drive, provides an accuracy of ±0.05 ml or a mean deviation of 0,5% (over 10 Jr). 4 easy to set smart dosing options on each head, which are automatically combined into one coordinated schedule for the entire device. Easy assembly, with no tools required- just click on/off.
  • Automatic delay between heads to prevent chemical interaction between additives. Daily dose per head of 0,2 ml to 1000 ml in increments of 0,1 Jr.
  • Manual dosing, upon request.
  • Transitions provided for flexible pipes. 3 dosing rates: Whisper -15 ml/min, Regular- 30ml/min and Turbo-45 ml/min.
  • Expected engine life expectancy -10 years, based on 250 ml/day/head

ReefDose 2

Dimensions: 13 p 10,5 p 8,5 cm (with wall mounting panel included)

ReefDose 4

Dimensions: 22,5 p 10,5 p 8,5 cm (with wall mounting panel included)

Accessories * (option, are not included in the set): Deluxe - a set of 4 different hose colors, in variant 2 tonalities; holders – 4 no ; organizer- 3 no.

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