Aqua Connect Ciano Remove- 500 city

99.00 лв.

Drug against cyano on bacteria dust

An extremely effective biological product, with an excellent success rate in the fight against cyanobacteria, without antibiotic.

Safe for fish and reef aquariums.

With anemones in the aquarium and low nutrient levels in the system- reduce the indicated dose by half.


A therapeutic dose: put from 1-3 Mr 100 l salt water, depending on the nutrient load. Continue with the indicated dosage each day, until the complete disappearance of cyano.

Preventive dose: dissolve once a week 1 d of the preparation for 100 l. salt water and pour directly into an area with good flow.

Note: Do not stop the protein skimmer! Do not exceed the indicated doses! The use of the preparation can lead to a decrease in pH values ​​and nitrate levels.

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